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Putting Down Words - Diane Knight

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Book, 6" x 8.5"



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In Putting Down Words, Multifaceted artist Diane Knight presents a collection of insightful poetry that will speak to your heart and touch your soul. Diane’s original doodles are interspersed throughout the book. The connection between her poetry and her doodles is strong – Both begin with a splash of color and end with a surprise!

Image Description: The cover of Putting Down Words features the title in whimsically curling blue letters at the bottom left. Below the title in the same font but slightly smaller, it says “Poems & Doodles by Diane Knight.” The cover image is one of Diane’s art pieces. Predominantly yellow, red, and green, the abstract artwork features washes of color accentuated by ink pen lines and dots. Thes pen marks draw attention to the boundaries between different pools of color, highlighting naturally occurring patterns that emerge in the artist’s process of creation.