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A Bowl Full of Peace - Caren Stelson

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Book, 9.5" x 11"



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A Bowl Full of Peace by Caren Stelson recounts the story of Sachiko Yasui, who survived the Nagasaki Bomb, and her pathway to peace. This book is written for younger readers and is beautifully illustrated by Japanese artist, Akira Kusaka.

Image Description:
The cover of the book, A Bowl Full of Peace, shows a young girl in profile, holding a bowl filled with white rice and standing against a light blue background. The bowl of rice is made from green leaves and holds rice which is shaped like two birds flying through a set of round clouds. At the center of the cover, “A Bowl Full of Peace: A True Story” is written in blue. In the upper right corner, the light blue background appears to fold down, revealing the smoldering ruins of a city. Above the city, flying into the otherwise flattened blue scene, are three WWII era planes depicted in black silhouette. In the bottom right corner, the Author’s name “Caren Stelson” and “Illustrations by Akira Kusaka” are written in blue.