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Boys & Girls Of Mother Goose - Bebe Keith

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Book, 8" x 8"



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Mixed Media artist, Bebe Keith, created a series of glass mosaics inspired by mother goose that were then installed in different Pediatric Wings of hospitals. This book lovingly compiles these pieces alongside their rhyming stories.

Image Description: The book “The Girls and Boys of Mother Goose” features the title in large red letters against a yellow square. Surrounding the title are mosaic representations of mother goose characters. Clockwise from the top left, they are a young leaping fiddler, a bonnet-wearing Little Miss Muffet being startled by a large black spider, a crying little Bo Peep dressed in blue with brown braids, and a small boy wearing a brown suit holding a large orange leaf to demonstrate his diminutive size. The cover is rimmed by a blue red and purple geometric mosaic.