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Medium Rattle

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These one of a kind rattles by Kelly Jean Ohl are made from clay. They have a lovely sound. There are many variations of them and they come in all shapes and colors. Please give us a call at 507.467.2446 x2 to choose the one that is just right for you.
“All of my ceramic pieces are made by hand. I carve the intricate designs on each piece, then individually burnish and sand each piece before the first of multiple firings. After the work cools from the first firing, each piece is washed, waxed, hand painted with oxides and then undergoes a final firing up to 2400 degrees.” Kelly Jean’s work reminds people of things they have found on the floor of the forest, something they have touched in a tide pool or a single cell organism once viewed under a microscope. Her ceramic pieces aren’t any of these things in particular. They are small abstract objects that reference many biological entities without being any one specifically. She uses many household utensils as well as handmade textiles in her ceramic work. Each piece is then hand carved, burnished, washed, waxed and sanded. After the building process is complete each piece goes through multiple kiln firings and is hand painted with oxides.