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Blossom Earrings

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These earrings by Shelly Thrall are about 2" long.
I found my love for creating jewelry while living in New Zealand, inspired by the flora, fauna and rugged west coast beaches of the North Island.

Finding my way back home to Minnesota, my inspiration comes from canoeing in the Boundary Waters and walking among the urban gardens in Minneapolis.

I love to mix sterling silver, copper, brass as well as found objects and semiprecious stones to make jewelry that is meaningful to me.

In many instances I like my designs to look organic and well worn. I often leave the marks and imperfections made during the hand-building process to enrich the finished pieces. I use fine jeweler's sandpaper and various patinas to create a charcoal effect on the finished piece.

All my designs are made from recycled metals that have a low impact on the planet, age beautifully, and last for generations.
I am grateful and most inspired when my jewelry and the spirit in which it was crafted resonate with you.