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Norwegian Tree Spirits

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These one of a kind Tree Spirits are carved from branches that Carol selects in the winter time. They each have a distinct personality and a name burned into the bottom. The spirits show themselves in the wood. Folks tend to collect these. We have a wide selection of these little guys, so give us a call and we can help you choose your favorite. 507.467.2446 x2
Carol has done lithography, etching, woodcuts, silk screening, welding, bronze casting, ceramics and stained glass. Her most recent medium is wood. She’s sure it was inspired by the Lanesboro school janitor, Johnny Gilbertson, who unlocked the school doors shortly before classes started. She would congregate with her classmates outside the door where he would be carving chains, balls in cages, or axes. She’ll never forget how thrilled she was when he gave her a carving. She still has it today. Her Norwegian heritage has also greatly influenced her carving. She has studied with several woodcarvers from Norway at the Norwegian American Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa and learned acanthus carving, chip carving, kolrosing, and Viking style carving. Scandinavian folklore is filled with trolls, nissen, and elves. They live in the forests and appear to be camouflaged in the tree branches during the day. Her recent tree spirits are inspired by this tradition.