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Large Lab

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This up-cycled dog by Brian Berle is a wonder. You just can't stop staring at it. It stands almost waste high. It's made up of hundreds of found objects. Every time you look at it you see something else. This large Labs confirmation is spot on as well. This is a real crowd pleaser.
Growing up on a farm, we always used what we had available and recycled parts for many different uses. For me, when finding old parts, you start seeing the interesting lines and textures in everyday things you would normally overlook. The inspiration for the first sculpture I ever created was seeing the body of a bumble bee in an old valve cover of a motorcycle in a pile of scrap metal. As an avid fisherman and an affinity for dogs, I soon started creating my own metal representations of both. I became interested to see where the adventure of finding unique pieces and welding them together would take me next.
I have created my dog sculptures, as to give try to give them life through my representation and also incorporated a touch of steampunk in my fish sculptures and a curiosity in their function. As creating recognizable pieces with metal found objects can be challenging, I enjoy watching and hearing the reactions of people engaging with my piece, as they are recognizing and searching out objects they are familiar with.